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Knife Skills - How to Dice Potatoes

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo cooking expert Eric Crowley explains the best way to dice potatoes. Ingredients and Equipment --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Potato,?peeled * Sharp knife c Step 1: Cut the Rounded Sides --------------------------------------------------------------------- Cut off the rounded sides on each end to form a rectangular block. You may prefer to leave one side uncut to use as a handle or grip as you dice. Take your knife with your middle, ring and pinky fingers around the handle and your forefinger and thumb around the blade. Curl the fingers of your other hand so your fingertips are holding the potato in place. Try keeping the knuckle of your middle finger against the blade for better control. Step 2: Cut into Slices and Juliennes --------------------------------------------------------------------- Make a quarter-inch wide slice for small dices, a half-inch wide slice for medium dices or a three-quarters-inch wide slice for large dices. Place the slices on their sides and make juliennes?of equal size from those slices. Step 3: Dice That Potato --------------------------------------------------------------------- Put your thumb at the back of the julienne with your fingers curled to control the body of the julienne. Use your thumb to push the julienne forward and under the knife. Keep?the front of your knife blade in contact with the cutting board and use the back end to cut forward and down. You can also use the tip of your knife to dice, but it will take longer.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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