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Learn Adobe Photoshop - The Animation Panel

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: In this video, Mahalo expert Gene Shaw explains how the Animation Panel can be used to create movement in Photoshop. Animation Panel --------------------------------------------------------------------- While Photoshop is not specifically an animation program, it will allow you to create layered sequential images through use of the Animation Panel.? The panel can be used to create buttons for websites, avatars, form signatures and many other simple works.?1. The Animation Panel can be opened by clicking Window -- Animation in the top menu bar to make sure it's checked.2. Every other panel in Photoshop opens on the right side of the screen, but the Animation Panel opens on the bottom.?3. The first thing you need to make an animation are a couple of different frames.? If you only have one, you can make a new one by clicking the icon New Frame at the bottom right corner of the animation panel. Each frame is an instance of the image you're working with, so if you move anything around on the image in one of the frames, it's not going to move anything around on another one.4. For instance, in the video tutorial Gene has the type "Animated Text" written at the top of the image. He creates a new frame, and within this second frame he moves the type down to the middle of the image. He then creates a third frame and moves the type down again, this time to the bottom of the image.5. You can only view one frame at a time, so the type appears in a different place with each frame that is viewed.6. With the type at the top of the image in frame one, the middle of the image in frame two, and the bottom of the image in frame three, you can now hit the "play" button in the Animation Panel and watch the type changing between the three key frames. You can control how long the animation plays for by setting the loop count.7. You can also fill in the gaps between the key frames by clicking the Tween Frame button in the panel (next to the "play" button) and setting the number of frames to add between the key frames. This will give you a much smoother animation. Read more by visiting our page at:
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