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Learn Windows 7 - Notepad

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: During this tutorial Mahalo Windows expert Sean Hewitt shows you how to use the Notepad program in Windows 7. About Notepad --------------------------------------------------------------------- Notepad is the simplest plain text editor in Windows 7. To open Notepad, click on the? Start?button on the bottom left of the?Taskbar?or type "Notepad" into the search engine above the Start button and press Enter.?One of the useful aspects of Notepad?is that it doesn't have any formatting or auto-correcting features. This means that no matter what you write, Notepad will not correct or change it in any way.? For example, this feature comes in handy if you were to edit a webpage because Notepad won't change any of the formatting in the text. If you were to write an essay or personal correspondence, you should use another program instead of Notepad so that you can easily correct spelling and punctuation.? Another useful feature in Notepad is the ability to replace any of the text with other text. To do this, click on Edit in the upper left of the screen followed by Replace. This will prompt the Replace Window, where you can type what you want Notepad to find in the Find What field. You will then type what you want that word to be replaced with by typing the new word in the Replace With field. To implement this change, click the Replace All button on the right of the window.? You may also customize the font of your text by clicking on Format in the top menu bar followed by Font. This will prompt a window in which you can change the Font, Font style and Size. You can also add the date and time to anything you write by pressing F5 on your keyboard.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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