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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Burn Tool

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: In this video, Mahalo expert Justin Z. briefly explains what the Burn tool does in Photoshop. Burn Tool --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Burn tool is a subtle effect tool that has a darkening effect on your image. If is useful for darkening pieces of your image that are too bright or for creating a dramatic effect. 1. Click and hold on the "lollipop" icon in the tool bar, then drag down to the Burn Tool in the drop down menu. You can also press and hold Shift+O on the keyboard to cycle to the tool.2. Click and drag across a portion of your image that needs darkening and see what it does. If used in the right places, it can darken over-lit areas of your image and create dramatic effects.3. In the top Options panel you can choose to customize this tool with a number of settings. * You can change the Stroke, Size and Brush Softness. The softer the brush, the better. * You can change the tool's range, from Midtones to Highlights to Shadows. * You can set the Exposure. * You have options for using a Stylus. * You have an option to Protect Your Color Tones. Generally, you want to keep this tool for darkening highlights or midtones that look a little too bright.Be sure to keep the effects subtle as they are more noticeable than you may realize. Read more by visiting our page at:
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