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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Tools Overview

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo expert Justin Z. runs through a brief overview of the tools in the Tools bar. Tools Overview --------------------------------------------------------------------- This page serves as a brief overview of the different tools for Adobe Photoshop CS5. The tools in Photoshop are the "bread and butter" of the program. You will use these to do just about everything. * The Move tool is used to move around images and layers. * The Marquee tool allows you to select portions of your image with either a rectangular shape or elliptical shape, as well as make changes or selections. * The Lasso tool give you greater freedom when selecting portions of your image to manipulate or change. The tool comes in three parts: * * Regular Lasso * * Polygonal Lasso * * Magnetic Lasso * The Quick Select tool has the same function as the Lasso, but it will select portions of the image for you automatically. There are two versions of this tool, which includes the Magic Wand. * The Crop tool allows you to take a piece of your image and delete the surrounding parts, which then conforms to become your new canvas. There are sub-tools, including the Slice tools. These are similar to the Crop tool, but are much more complicated and powerful. The Eyedropper tool will sample a color of your image and allow you to use that color for multiple purposes. The Color Sampler tool is similar to the eyedropper, but it allows you to sample up to four consecutive colors. The Ruler tool allows you to take measurements of the image for reference in multiple forms of measurement. The Notes tool allows you to add notes to your images and layers, providing a good reference for a number of situations. The Count tool allows for a numerical labeling system that provides ease of use for many different possibilities.* The Healing tools are very powerful and allow you to make subtle changes to your images for great effect. The Patch tool is similar to the healing tool but allows you to select an area of interest. The Red Eye tool gets rid of red eye in pictures taken with flash.* The Brush tools allow you to paint and draw in multiple ways on your canvas. * The Clone Stamp tools allow you to copy other pieces of your image and paste them into a desired spot. This is really useful for touching up faces or skin. * The History Brush tool allows you to effectively "unpaint." * The Eraser tools do exactly what they say but have plenty of options to make them incredibly useful. * The Gradient and Paint Bucket tools allow for easy color fills. The Paint Bucket will fill the image with one color, while the Gradient will range in multiple colors across a spectrum of your choice. * The Blur, Sharpen and Smudge tools have subtle effects that can be used for aesthetic and artistic purposes.? * Dodge, Burn and Smudge tools are digital counterparts of the photographic process allowing for effects that can add substance to your image. * Pen tools are very powerful allowing options to trace smooth edges along an image for manipulation and masking. * Text tools seem simple but have a lot of applications. * The Selection tools are created specifically for the direct selection of images, layers and paths. * The 3D Object tool is an extremely powerful application allowing you to use objects in a 3D environment, including previously created 3D objects from other programs. * The 3D Camera tool works the same way but allows you to manipulate your 3D environment. * The Hand tool allows you to move around your canvas if you're zoomed in. * The Zoom tool allows you to do exactly what its title says. * At the bottom are two color options that allow quick access to using colors for multiple uses such as the Brush or Paint Bucket tool. You can easily switch between the tools with the small Swap arrow just above the colors. * The button on the bottom is called Edit Mode. You can either edit in Normal mode or Quick Mask mode. Read more by visiting our page at:
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