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Learn Adobe Photoshop - Window Menu

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo Photoshop expert Gene Shaw gives a comprehensive Photoshop window menu tutorial.? About the Window Menu --------------------------------------------------------------------- The Window menu is the master control for the overall configuration of your interface. This is where you can arrange your windows to customize your workspace. When you first open up the Window menu, it appears to be one of the most involved. Upon closer inspection, however, you will see that a majority of this menu does nothing more than open up panels. When you click on any of the options within the Window menu, their corresponding panel will open up or move into focus. You can close these panels by clicking on the option within the Window menu and this will deselect them. Arrange --------------------------------------------------------------------- Arrange will allow you to control the images in your work space. You can decide which images are in what tabs.? Float in Window will open up whatever you have in focus into its own tab.? Float All in Window will open every image you have in their own tab. You can put them back simply by choosing Consolidate All to Tabs.? Once you have all of your windows separated, you can Cascade?or Tile them.? Workspace --------------------------------------------------------------------- This is where you will find the default configuration (Essentials) and can set up how your overall work area is arranged. This will control your panels, tools and the main information bar for the top left of the screen. If you select New in CS 5, everything in the menus and the panels will become highlighted that did not appear in the previous iteration.?Toward the bottom of the Window menu, you will find the settings for Application Frame, Application Bar, Options and Tools. When you select any of these, they will become toggled on or off.? Selecting Application Frame will put the entire Photoshop workspace in its own frame, similar to how it would appear in Windows. On Mac, you will still have the main application menus at the top of the screen. Now you will be able to move your Photoshop workspace around and if you are working with two monitors, you can choose which monitor you want it on.? The very bottom of the Window menu is going to list every image you currently have open. To bring an image to the front, just click on it.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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