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How to Make Scrambled Eggs with Feta

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo cooking expert Tristan Blash shows you how to make scrambled eggs with feta cheese. Ingredients --------------------------------------------------------------------- * 4 eggs * 2 tbsp crumbled feta cheese * 3 tbsp tomatoes, chopped* 3 tbsp onions, chopped* 1 tbsp butter or olive oil * Salt and pepper (optional) * Water or milk (optional) c? Equipment --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Bowl * Fork or egg beater * Frying pan * Burner * Spatula Instructions --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Crack eggs into bowl. Whisk eggs.?Melt butter or heat olive oil in frying pan over low heat.2. Add onions before butter is fully melted.?Fry until translucent and slightly golden. Add a pinch of salt if?desired.3. Add eggs to pan. Increase heat to medium high.4. Before scrambling, first tilt the pan and use the spatula to cook?most of the wet part of the eggs.5. After eggs are set, add tomatoes and?feta. Add?pepper if desired.6. Continue cooking until feta is slightly melted.c? Cooking Tips --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Add milk or water for fluffier eggs. c* If you use a high? sodium?type of feta, consider not adding any salt to the eggs.c* Make your scrambled eggs healthier by using? olive oil?in lieu of?butter.* Use whichever type of onions you prefer. Broadly speaking, red onions and shallots are less sharp than their white or yellow cousins. c Read more by visiting our page at:
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