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Homemade Valentines: Cupid Costume for Your Dog or Baby

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo arts and crafts expert Eva Sowinski shows you how to make a cupid costume for your dog or baby for Valentine's Day. You do not need to leave your pet or baby out of Valentine's Day festivities. You can learn to make a cupid costume for your dog or baby for Valentine's Day that will be picture-worthy. The process of crafting the costume is not overly difficult, but you will need some supplies, a little patience and some basic crafting abilities. This craft may be suitable for some older children under?constant?supervision as the craft requires scissors and the use of a hot glue gun. Consider exchanging hot glue for another type of glue when crafting with children. The supplies for this craft can be found at most craft or hobby stores. Step 1: Collect Supplies --------------------------------------------------------------------- Purchase?scalloped?scissors in any shape you like, regular scissors, 4 pieces of yarn 2 feet in length, 5 or 6 wooden dowels, tape, feathers, a permanent marker, a glue gun and construction paper. ?One piece of construction paper should be 11 X 14 in length and in the color white. Two other pieces of construction paper can be smaller and in alternate colors. Consider using traditional Valentine's Day colors such as red and pink. Step 2: Prepare Wings and Quiver --------------------------------------------------------------------- Fold your white piece of paper long-ways in half. Starting towards one end on the open side of the paper, make a cut an inch towards the center. Make a 2 inch cut perpendicular to your first cut. Add some loops to make a wing shape and finish cutting out your wings. Glue the two wings together and affix a long dowel across the bottom of wings with tape for support. Take another piece of construction paper and fold it length-wise towards the center. Repeat the process on the opposite side allowing the paper to overlap the first folded portion. Cut a bow shape off the end of the bottom and top corners on the top piece of paper. Fold the two bottom corners towards the back. Glue all folds to secure. Step 3: Create Arrows and Assemble Costume --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tape one feather onto the end of each dowel. Place them in the quiver and tape them to secure them. Attach the quiver to the middle of the wings with hot glue. Place your four pieces of yarn in two ?"X" patterns on the back of the quiver and attach with tape. These pieces of yarn are tied around your baby or dog to secure it. Cut a heart out of a construction paper using your scalloped scissors. Write the word "Cupid" in the middle and use the cut out to decorate your costume. Read more by visiting our page at:
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