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How to Play "Happy Birthday" on the Xylophone

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Learn from Mahalo xylophone expert Jay Laura?how to play "Happy Birthday" on the xylophone. Step 1: ?Learn The Melody --------------------------------------------------------------------- The song " Happy Birthday" is played in 3/4 time and in key of C.c? ?To begin playing, work on the first two lines of the song until the transitions between the notes become smooth and up to tempo. ?You may want to practice singing the song along with the notes that you play to keep your playing in rhythm. ?The first two lines of the song are very much alike, with just a small change of the notes on the words "to you". G ? ? G ?A ? ? G ? C ?B ?Happy birthday to you G ? G ? A ? ? G ? D ? C Happy birthday to you c? Step 2: ?Practice The Chorus --------------------------------------------------------------------- According to Jay Laura, the second part of the song is a little bit harder in that it skips an octave. ?The first two notes, for the word "happy" play on the G an octave below the G where you started in the first section of the song. ?Then you will skip an octave up to a G to begin the the word "birthday". ?The * indicates the octave change. ? G ? ?G ?*G ? ? D ? ? C ? ? ?B ? ? ? ?A Happy birthday ?dear ?--- ? ?----- F ? ? F ? E ? ? ?C ? D ?C Happy birthday to you! c Step 3: ?Add It all Together --------------------------------------------------------------------- All of the notes of the song are played with the right hand until the very end note. ?On the last note, add a roll, alternating very quickly a few beats on C to draw it out.c?Next, practice putting the whole song together, moving slowly over each section individually and then putting them together and moving up to speed. ? Read more by visiting our page at:
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