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How to Play "Chopsticks" on the Xylophone

Learn guitar chords for FREE through our new game Chord Master: Mahalo xylophone expert Jay Laura teaches you how to properly play the song "Chopsticks" on the xylophone. If you are looking into expanding your mallet percussion?repertoire, you may want to learn how to play "Chopsticks" on the?xylophone. ?This tune can be learned in three steps and with a little practice. ?Although many people are familiar with the song played on the piano, "Chopsticks" can be played on the xylophone with the use of mallets. Step 1: Learn the Scale for Chopsticks --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Chopsticks" is played using a C scale. ?Most of the song is going to be played between two C notes on the xylophone. ?All the notes of the C scale are going to be used with the addition of the B flat note on the way down in the song.c? ? Step 2: ?Play The Song Up --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want, set a metronome to the speed that you want to practice at to keep your tempo even. c?Start the song with the left hand on the F, right hand on the G. ?Strike these notes eight times with a steady rhythm. ?Left hand moves to E, right hand stay on the G. ?Play this eight times. ?Left and right hand then move together, left to the D, right to the B. ?Strike this eight times. ?Then both hands move to C notes an octave apart, strike the keys only once. Right hand: ?GGGG GGGG GGGG GGGG BBBB BBBB C Left hand: ? ?FFFF ? ?FFFF ? EEEE ? ?EEEE ? DDDD DDDD C c?? Step 3: ?Play The Song Down --------------------------------------------------------------------- The next section of "Chopsticks" is played moving down the scale, and it moves a little bit faster. ?The notes will change more quickly and the hands will move separately. ?After the C above, the left hand plays D and the right plays B. ?Left then moves to E, and the right plays B flat. ?Then left to F and right to A. ?The right moves to G and left stays on the F. Right hand: ?B Bflat A G Left hand: ? ?D E ? ? ?F ? F Repeat the first section. To play an alternate rhythm, use a single stroke drum roll as you move up and down the scale. c? ? Read more by visiting our page at:
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