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How to Play an E Major Arpeggio on the Xylophone

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: This video will teach you how to properly play an E major arpeggio on the xylophone. Learn from Jay Laura, a music instructor for over 13 years. Step 1:?Locate the Notes of the Arpeggio --------------------------------------------------------------------- Before beginning to attempt to learn how to play an E major arpeggio on the xylophone, learn how to play?scales. To play an E major arpeggio, you will need to locate the arpeggio's major third and perfect fifth. E major arpeggio's major third is G sharp?and the perfect fifth is B. The sequence ends with the E octave.c Step 2:?Practice the E Major Arpeggio --------------------------------------------------------------------- Play each note in the arpeggio: E, G Sharp, B and E. Remember the technique of crossing each stick over the other as you play each note. Practice with one octave until you have mastered it.c? Try adding a second octave after the first. When you are comfortable with playing two octaves in succession, play each octave then play backwards to the first octave.? Step 3:?Do Not Play Notes Simultaneously --------------------------------------------------------------------- Arpeggios are also referred to as "broken chords."c?They are made by playing several notes in the same octave in rapid succession. Remember notes played simultaneously do not constitute an arpeggio.c?The major third and perfect fifth incorporates the arpeggio, which starts with the desired note and ends on the same note in the next octave.c? Read more by visiting our page at:
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