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How to Properly Hold a Xylophone Mallet

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: This video will teach you how to properly your xylophone mallet. Proper technique is essential for getting the proper sound out of your xylophone.? Lesson 1: How to Properly Hold a Xylophone Mallet --------------------------------------------------------------------- Unlike many other? musical?instruments which are played simply by using your hands, the xylophone uses a mallet in order to achieve the correct sound. ?To learn how to play a xylophone, you must first know how to properly hold a xylophone mallet. ? The end of the xylophone mallet (which comes into contact with the xylophone itself) is made out of a firm rubber or acrylic material. c?The handle is generally constructed of rattan, birch wood, or fiberglass. ?The xylophone instrument consists of two rows of wooden keys, each representing a note. ?The layout is very similar to that of a?piano?and it is often easy to understand for those that already know how to play the piano. Step 1: Find and Pinch the Center of Gravity on the Mallet Stick --------------------------------------------------------------------- The first thing you need to know about holding the xylophone mallet is exactly where on the stick to hold it. ?Hold the stick in the palm of your hand, in the place where it sits naturally and can balance well. ?This might take some time to get used to, but it should feel natural. ?You will then want to pinch the stick between your thumb and your pointer finger in that center of the stick that you found. ?Your hand should then lightly grip around the stick so that when you hit the xylophone your mallet can bounce off and make it easier to hit rapidly.? Step 2: Hold the Xylophone Mallet at the Correct Angle --------------------------------------------------------------------- When you are using the xylophone mallet against the keys, you want to hold the mallet at a slight angle so that the sticks are pointing inward toward each other. ?The correct angle is somewhere between a 90 degree and a 45 degree angle. ?If held correctly, it will be easier to hit both rows of keys without straining your wrists and hands. Step 3: Stand Correctly in Front of the Xylophone --------------------------------------------------------------------- When you are standing in front of your xylophone, you will want to make sure your shoulders are relaxed and that you stand squarely in front of the xylophone. ?You do not want to lift your hands too high when you are playing; they should not raise above your elbow when you are hitting the keys. ?Your thumbs should face up while playing, and your pinkies will be on the bottom of the mallet. Read more by visiting our page at:
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