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How to Properly Separate Eggs

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo Chef Eric Crowley? shows you how to properly separate eggs. Step 1: Crack the Egg --------------------------------------------------------------------- Some people like to crack the egg along the edge of a bowl. This can, however, cause the shell to break into small pieces, which can end up contaminating the egg. Instead, crack the egg against a flat surface like your cutting board or counter top. Set half of the egg shell aside.? ? Step 2:?Separate?the Yolk from the Whites --------------------------------------------------------------------- Set up three bowls in a row. Working over top of the middle bowl, pour the egg yolk out of the shell and into one of your clean hands. Transfer the yolk back and forth from one hand to the other while letting the egg white fall between your fingers and into the bowl.?? Step 3: Transfer into Three Different Bowls --------------------------------------------------------------------- After you have?separated?the yolk from the whites, place the yolk into one of the clean bowls. Pour the whites from the middle bowl into the other clean bowl. This is a cautionary approach?in case?some yolk falls into the egg whites; this way you will not contaminate all of the egg whites that you have?separated?so far. Continue the entire process until all of the needed eggs have been?separated.?? Read more by visiting our page at:
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