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Single Variable Equation Quiz

Bestselling Learn Guitar on Android! Experienced math instructor Allison Moffett is the host of the Mahalo Math Channel. In this video she presents the single variable equation 3x - 5 = 7. In this equation, the variable is designated by the letter x. To solve this problem, you must isolate the letter x on one side of the equation. In math, an equation can be described as a scale that must be kept in balance; whatever is done to one side of an equation must equally be done to the other. a single variable equation, the objective is to isolate the variable, commonly designated by a letter such as x or y. This means you must have the unknown figure alone on one side of an equation in order to figure out its value. example, if you have the single variable equation 2x + 3 = 11, you must isolate x on one side of the equation in order to find its value.? First, you may subtract 3 from both sides of the equation so that 2x stands alone on one side. When this is done, you have the equation 2x = 8. To get x alone, you must divide two from each side. You end with a result of x = 8/2. So x = 4. ?? Step 1: Isolate the Variable --------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to solve the single variable equation 3x - 5 = 7, you must figure out the value of x. In order to do so, you must isolate x on one side of the equation. As an equation must be balanced on each side; whatever you do to one, you must do to the other., you can add the number 5 to both sides of the equation, isolating 3x on the left. Thus, 3x - 5 + 5 = 7 +5 or 3x = 12. Next, to have x stand alone on the left side of the equation, you must divide 3 from each side. Thus, 3x/3 = 12/3 or x = 4.? The correct answer is x = 4. Step 2: Check Your Work --------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to prove you have solved the single variable equation properly, you may check your work. To do so, take your solution and plug it in as the value of the variable in your original equation. If x = 4, then the original equation would read: 3(4) - 5 = 7. This may be simplified to 12 - 5 = 7. Is this true? As it is correct, you have proven 4 to be the right answer.? Step 3: Solve with Potential Answers --------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are given multiple choice answers for an equation like 3x - 5 = 7, you may also come to a solution by plugging in each answer as the value of the variable and seeing whether or not it solves the equation. Given the potential values for x of 36, 2/3, 4, and 22/3, only one number solves the equation. That is the number 4.? Read more by visiting our page at:
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