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How to Find the Volume of a Cube

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo math expert Allison Moffett shows you how to calculate the volume of a cube. Step 1: Finding the Volume of a?Rectangular Prism --------------------------------------------------------------------- A cube can also be described as a rectangular prism with edges of equal size. ?The formula for calculating the volume of a cube is based on the volume formula for rectangular prisms. To find the volume of a rectangular prism, you calculate the length times the width times the height. ?So if you have a rectangular prism with a length of 7 inches, a width of 5 inches and a height of 10 inches, the volume would be: V = 7 X 5 X 10 = 35 X 10 = 350. Volume is measured in cubic units, so you would say that the volume of the prism is 350 cubic inches. c?? Step 2: Finding the Volume of a Cube --------------------------------------------------------------------- Since all of the edges of a cube are of equal length, there is no need to differentiate between the length, width and height. ?The volume of a cube is determined by multiplying the length of three edges of the cube. ?Let "s" define the length of an edge of the cube. ?Then the volume formula becomes: V = s X s X s This formula is also written as?V = s?. If s = 3 feet then the volume is found like this: V = (3)? = 3 X 3 X 3 = 27: ?Since each value is a measurement of feet, then the volume is 27 cubic feet. c? Step 3: Use the Formula for Finding the Volume of a Cube --------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you have learned how to find the volume of a cube, you should practice using the formula so you can learn practrical applications for it. ?You can find sample worksheets online that you can download for free or for a low cost. c? ? Here is a sample problem that you can read through that shows a practical application for finding the volume of a cube: You have a friend that can give you boxes that measure two feet long, two feet wide and two feet high. ?You can use the volume formula to figure out how many boxes to request if you have a space of 512 cubic feet to store them in. Assume that the storage space is also a cube.. V = s? V = 2 X 2 X 2 = 4 X 2 = 8 cubic feet. ?This is the amount of space you need for one box. ?To find out how many boxes to order, divide 512 by 8. 512/8 = 64. ? You can ask your friend for 64 boxes. c? Read more by visiting our page at:
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