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How to Change Your Password on Your Google or Gmail Account

Over 1.25 million app downloads! Asha K. from presents a tutorial on changing the account password in Google. She states that it is important to change the password every so often to keep hackers from getting into the account. She shows a step-by-step process using actual account settings on Gmail. On-screen instructions are also provided. Knowing how to change your Google or Gmail password is important in maintaining your privacy. ?Google provides users with different services, and your password is required to access them. ?Should a hacker find a way to get into your account, they could become aware of personal information about you, such as email correspondences. ?A hacker could access your blog and create posts that could damage your reputation. ?Even more invasive would be if someone were to access your health information if you use Google Health to organize your medical records. If your account is accessed through any suspicious means, you will need to resolve the issue by changing your password. ?There are specific steps in place so that changing the password is fairly simple. ?You can be proactive in protecting your personal information if you change your Google password on a regular basis. Step 1: Frequency of Password Changes --------------------------------------------------------------------- Google recommends that you change your password at least twice per year. you only use your Google account for Gmail, then changing the password twice per year may be sufficient. ?If you use other Google services where personal information is stored, you may want to consider changing the password more often. ?Microsoft recommends changing passwords every 30 to 90 days, going with the lower number for more sensitive information. Step 2: Change Your Password --------------------------------------------------------------------- Google offers a simple process for changing your password. ?You will need to log into your Gmail account and follow these steps: 1. Click the "Settings" link located at the upper right of the Gmail page. 2. On the Settings page, open the "Accounts and Import" tab located in the orange banner. 3. In the bottom section of the "Accounts and Import" menu, click "Google Account settings." 4. A new window will open. ?In this window, click the link that reads "Changing your password" under the Personal Settings section. 5. On the page that opens, enter your current password and your new password. ?Re-enter your new password in the box that says "Confirm new password." 6. Click the "Save" button to save your new password. Step 3: Additional Security --------------------------------------------------------------------- You can do other things to maintain the security of your Google or Gmail account. ? * Do not tell anyone your password. ?Do not write your password anywhere. ?Memorize it.* Do not use dictionary words for your password. ?Be creative. ?For example, use?zero?in place of the letter "O" or the numeral "1" in place of the letter "L." * Create a password with a mixture of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. ?Google's password system will give you an indicator of how strong your password is when you create it. * Create a password that is personal to you. ?It should have meaning to you yet be hard for others to guess. * Use capital and lower case letters. Read more by visiting our page at:
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