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Learn Biology: Threats to Biodiversity

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Mahalo biology expert Mary Poffenroth explains the threats to Earth's biodiversity. Biodiversity, or the variation of life forms within an ecosystem, is essential to the continuation of life as we know it. If the Earth's biodiversity were to suddenly become less diverse, there would be significant challenges that humans as a species may not be able to overcome. There are several different factors that have a serious impact on the biodiversity of the world. These threats should be evaluated on an individual basis, as well as how they all interact. By tackling these threats, the diversity of the planet can be maintained and we can help to ensure our survival, as well as ensuring a legacy of diversity for future generations. Threats to Biodiversity --------------------------------------------------------------------- There are five major threats to biodiversity. They can be simplied into the acronym HIPPO - H: Habitat. As people expand their living area, animal habitats begin to shink. These shrinking habitats leave animals feeling cramped and often leads to added stress. This stress can result in the extinction of various animal species. I: Invasive Species. Invasive, or introduced, species are often put into unnatural environments by humans. These animals or plants often outcompete the native species and have no natural?predators? allowing them to control the environment and destroy native creatures. P: Population. The population that treatens biodiversity most is the human population. As the human population increases, so does the amount of resources needed to keep them satisfied. The appropriation of these resources means that they are not available to the plants or animals who need them for survival. P: Pollution. As pollution increases, the plants and animals find it more and more difficult to survive. Ridding the world of, or at least limiting the pollution would not only help the world's plants and animals, but it would also help humans as well. O: Overexploitation is the process in which humans use too much of a single resource. This can result in the loss of different species or environments.c?? Read more by visiting our page at:
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