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Homemade Christmas Gifts: Memory Box

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Mahalo craft expert Keltie Colleen shows you how to make a homemade Christmas memory box as a gift. A memory box can be made for friends and relatives as a homemade Christmas gift. A Christmas memory box is a box that people put photos, ticket stubs, cards and other memorabilia in to keep it safe. Memory boxes can be used for memorabilia from holidays, vacations, birthdays, a child's birth and more. A Christmas memory box can be made with any size box or any kind of box that crafters want to use. Some people like to use a wooden box and paint it. Others may use a metal or cardboard box and decorate it with wrapping or tissue paper, ribbon and stickers. A memory box can be used along with scrapbooking, as many items will not fit into an album. However, photos can also be stored in a memory box. These Christmas boxes can range from easy to difficult to make depending on the crafter's design. The tools needed are common tools that are often found around a person's house. Step 1:Gather The Supplies --------------------------------------------------------------------- Crafters should decide what kind of box and size of box they want to use for the items they want to store. Other items needed, depending on how the box is going to be decorated, are: Paint Paintbrushes Wrapping Paper Tissue Paper Ribbon Stickers Tape Scissors Glue gun Other decorating materials can be used to make the box appropriate for the occasion. Step 2: Create the Memory Box --------------------------------------------------------------------- If painting a wood box, it may need to be sanded first. After sanding, the box will need to be painted a base color. For decoration, other colors of paint can be splattered or dripped over the first coat of paint. Another look is to use a sponge to sponge paint into a decorative pattern over the base coat of paint. Stickers can also be added to the box. If using wrapping paper as decoration, the tape or glue gun can be used to adhere the paper to the box. Photos, glitter, sticker, ribbon and other items can be used to add embellishment to the memory box. Step 3: Fill the Memory Box --------------------------------------------------------------------- A memory box can be filled on the day it is made or the gift-giver can take weeks or months to complete the gathering of all the items together that he or she wants to collect. Other items such as decorated books can be made and added to the memory box. Read more by visiting our page at:
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