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How to Make an Advent Calendar

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Mahalo expert Keltie Colleen shows you how to make an advent calendar. Making an Advent calendar is a great way to count down the days until Christmas. Advent calendars can also be used to promote family activities. For information on how to make an Advent calendar quickly and inexpensively, read on Advent calendars are a tradition that began over 150 years ago as a way of counting down the days between the beginning of December and Christmas Day. Calendars are designed to mark each day from the beginning of Advent to Christmas. Each day, children are allowed to take one treat from the calendar - either a gift of candy (including chocolate) or a small toy or token. Making an Advent calendar can be a great way to teach your children more about the Christmas holiday. Using Matchboxes --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Both large and small matchboxes can be converted into Advent calendars once the matches have been removed. Cover 24 matchbooks with colorful paper. On each box, poke a hole in one end and thread some waxed twine through it. Add a numbered wooden bead on it and tie it to your Christmas tree with the twine.Craftlog: Matchbox Advent Calendar 1. 2. You can also tie the boxes to a thick piece of rickrack, braided rope or heavy velvet drapery you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?: 3 Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Ideas (November 27, 2006)2. 3. You can also use empty film you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?: 3 Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Ideas (November 27, 2006)3. 4. If you don't want to buy matchboxes, you can make your own boxes out of origami paper.HGTV: Paper Matchbox Slide Box 5. Make a small chest of drawers using 24 small matchboxes by gluing them together in three stacks of eight. Wrap a strip of paper around the sides of the stacks and attach a square paper to the back. Glue ribbon tabs onto each M is For Matchbox Advent Calendar6. Cut large matchboxes in half. Use chipboard wrapped in colorful paper to make new sides for the boxes. Decorate and number the boxes. Boxes can then be glued into a tree shape.Better Homes and Gardens: Matchbox Advent Box Using Stockings or Socks --------------------------------------------------------------------- * This Advent calendar involves using some type of stockings. While you can purchase 24 miniature Christmas stockings, you can also use colorful baby socks, kids socks, or make your own stockings out of Baby Sock Advent Mini StockingsFamilyFun: A Stocking Countdown Calendar 1. Number the stockings using stickers or small Mini StockingsHGTV: Baby Sock Clothesline Advent Calendar 2. Decorate the stockings, if desired, with ribbon, buttons or other objects.HGTV: Baby Sock Clothesline Advent Calendar 3. Hang the stockings using clothespins on a strand of yarn or Baby Sock Advent Calendar Using Envelopes --------------------------------------------------------------------- * Colorful envelopes can be used to make a very quick Advent calendar. Inside each envelope, you can include a slip of paper describing an activity or a place where you've have hidden a gift. 1. Instead of colored envelopes, you can use folded cardstock or origami paper.FamilyFun: Christmas Countdown Garlandso you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?: 3 Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Ideas (November 27, 2006)2. You could also sew your envelopes using felt and embroidery floss.allsorts: Before You Know It... (November 6, 2007)3. The envelopes can be sealed with stickers and individually numbered.FamilyFun: Christmas Countdown Garland4. You can also decide not to number them and have them chosen at you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?: 3 Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Ideas (November 27, 2006)5. The envelopes can then be: Tied onto garland or your tree.FamilyFun: Christmas Countdown GarlandAttached to ribbon with clothespins.a peek inside the fishbowl: Easy DIY Advent Calendar (November 26, 2007)Kept in a colorful you wannabee a Domestik Goddess?: 3 Quick and Easy Advent Calendar Ideas (November 27, 2006) Using Paper --------------------------------------------------------------------- * If you don't have any envelopes, skip them and make a paper chain instead. 1. Take strips of gift wrap or colored construction paper and make a paper you... Read more by visiting our page at:
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