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How to Opt Out of a Full Body Scan at an Airport

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Nearly 70 U.S. airports are now equipped with nearly 400 so-called "full-body scanners," a type of sophisticated technology that provides detailed images of passengers as they prepare to board planes.? According to the TSA, the scanners allow workers to detect any metallic (or non-metallic) objects on a person that could "pose a threat to aviation security."? These scanners can actually see through the clothes of travelers. The technology has some passengers up in arms, claiming that the full-body scanners are too invasive and pose a privacy threat.? One group is even calling for a "National Opt-Out Day" on November 24, 2010 - the day before Thanksgiving, traditionally a very busy travel day in the air. What passengers may not know is that they can choose to opt out of getting a full-body scan.? According to the TSA's official website, doing so will result in a passenger receiving "alternative screening, including a physical pat-down." How can you, as a passenger, opt out of a full-body scan?? First, you'll need to determine whether your airport even has the special scanner machines.? A full list of all airports who either have or will soon have full-body scanners can be found on the TSA's official website.? Approximately 68 airports currently utilize what the TSA calls "advanced imaging technology." If your airport does have full-body scanning, you'll need to tell TSA officials that you don't want it.? Simply explain that you'd like to "opt out" of the screening while you're in the security line.? Be aware, however, that just because you opt out of the total body scan, this does not mean you won't be screened.? Instead of the body scan, you'll likely be given a full-body pat down by a TSA worker - this process could be "time-consuming."? You may also be ordered to remove everything from all of your pockets - including things that previously were not subject to screening.? All of this could result in you spending additional time going through already long security lines at U.S. airports - something to plan for if you'll be flying in the near future. Check out our Mahalo webpages: How to Book a Cheap Flight: How to Speak Spanish: How to Write a Television Script: How to Decorate Thanksgiving Cupcakes: How to Roast a Turkey: Stove Top Stuffing Coupons: How to Make a Texas Tea: How to Say Merry Christmas in Korean: How to Ask a Girl Out: How to Get an AIDS Test: Learn anything at these Mahalo Youtube playlists: Celebs in 60 Seconds: Thanksgiving: How To Make Cocktails: How to Treat STDs: How To Play Guitar Songs: How To Play Piano Songs: How to Speak Korean: How To Speak French: How To Speak Italian: Mahalo Daily Videos:
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