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How to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Cornucopia

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo expert Jaala Pickering shows you how to make a Thanksgiving turkey cornucopia. Homemade centerpieces can be a highlight of your Thanksgiving feast. You can create a turkey cornucopia for a twist on the traditional decoration. The horn shaped basket, also called a horn of plenty, is traditionally filled with items that display harvest or floral-related items. The cornucopia signifies prosperity based on a Greek myth where the goat that suckled the God Zeus was broken off and was filled with fruit. You can make this craft from basic items found in most craft stores. The turkey Thanksgiving cornucopia can be crafted in a short period of time as it mostly required arranging items into the horn, then gluing a few decorative items to the outside of the basket to complete the turkey's appearance. You can easily modify this craft to match your decorating scheme or color preferences based on the items you select to fill your cornucopia basket. Step 1: Gather Supplies --------------------------------------------------------------------- Purchase a cornucopia basket, artificial fruit, a block of florist foam, two red pipe cleaners, yellow construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, hot glue and artificial leaves and flowers. Customize your cornucopia based on your preferred colors and decorative style. You can opt for Thanksgiving inspired fruits such as a pumpkin, or you can make it more general to use at multiple holiday occasions. Step 2: Fill Cornucopia --------------------------------------------------------------------- Place your florists foam into the bottom of the cornucopia basket. Arrange your artificial flowers into the basket and secure them by pushing the stems into the florists foam. Put your artificial fruits on top of the flowers and in any obvious gaps. Adjust the placement of all items until you are pleased with the appearance of your cornucopia. Step 3: Make Turkey --------------------------------------------------------------------- Cut your pipe cleaner in half, then fold each portion in half, leaving them slightly apart. Glue the cleaners to the bottom of your cornucopia to create the turkey's feet. Place hot glue on the back of each googly eye and place them at the tip of your cornucopia basket for the turkey's eyes. Fold your yellow paper in half, then cut out a triangle. Affix the fold of the triangle with a dab of glue beneath the googly eyes to create the turkey's beak. Your Thanksgiving turkey cornucopia is ready for display. Read more by visiting our page at:
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