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How to Make Thanksgiving Turkey Napkin Holders

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: In this video, Mahalo expert Jaala Pickering shows you how to make Thanksgiving turkey napkin holders. Thanksgiving turkey napkin holders are one way to spruce up a Thanskgiving dinner table. Adding decorative napkin holders using Thanksgiving motifs, like turkeys, can add festive flair to the holiday. Making Thanksgiving turkey napkin holders isn't difficult. The entire project can be completed relatively quickly, using just a few basic supplies. Thanksgiving crafts, including colorful turkey napkin holders, can be one way to put your own, unique touch on the holiday. Once the napkin holders are completed, add them to the Thanksgiving table, along with other Thanksgiving decorations, such as a Thanksgiving turkey tablecloth or a Thanksgiving turkey candle. Step 1: Gather Supplies --------------------------------------------------------------------- To make Thanksgiving turkey napkin holders, you'll need to first gather your supplies. You will need a utility or craft knife, double-sided tape, scissors, yellow and brown construction paper and "googley eyes." You will also need a hot glue gun for this project. Step 2: Construct the Turkey's Body --------------------------------------------------------------------- Cut out a strip of brown construction paper. Then, cut the turkey's head and feet out of that strip. Next, take a piece of yellow construction paper, fold it in half and cut out a triangle to make the turkey's beak. Using a hot glue gun, glue the newly-created beak and the "googley eyes" on the brown construction paper turkey body. Be sure to affix the eyes and beak to the head of the turkey. Step 3: Complete Wings and Add Napkin --------------------------------------------------------------------- Now you will need to create the turkey's wings. To do this, take a utility or craft knife and carefully cut out small wings on the turkey's construction paper body. Pop out the excess construction paper. Wrap the two sides around and secure using a piece of double-sided tape. Now that your Thanksgiving turkey napkin holder is complete, you'll need to add the finishing touch: a napkin. Fold a white napkin in a fan shape to resemble a turkey's tail and insert it into the center of the napkin holder. Read more by visiting our page at:
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