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How to Make a Thanksgiving Turkey Hat

Check out Bas Rutten's Liver Shot on MMA Surge: Mahalo expert Jaala Pickering shows you how to create a child's Thanksgiving turkey hat using construction paper, pom-poms and a marker. If you are interested in making a holiday-themed craft with your child, you can learn how to make a Thanksgiving turkey hat. Before starting this creative, you should measure the child's head so that you can make the headband fit properly once it is complete. This project can be created by beginners. To make this turkey headpiece, you need a glue stick, a hot glue gun, white pom-poms, a black marker and scissors. Also, you need one sheet each of orange, brown and yellow construction paper. If you plan to draw out the turkey shapes before cutting them, you should use a pencil with a soft lead. Step 1: Cut Out the Headband and Head --------------------------------------------------------------------- Begin by cutting a rectangular strip from the brown construction paper. Cut along the longest side of the paper so that the strip will be long enough to fit around your child's head like a headband. Using the leftover brown paper, cut a circle that will represent the turkey's head. Next, cut a small rectangle along the width. Fold the paper like an accordion. This shape will be used for the turkey's neck later. Fold the yellow paper in half. Afterwards, cut a triangular shape over the fold to make the beak. Step 2: Make the Wings --------------------------------------------------------------------- While holding the yellow and orange paper together, cut a long rectangular strip along the width. Cut these strips in half. Place them aside to create the tail feathers later. To make the turkey's wings, cut out two large rectangles from the orange construction paper. Next, cut the form of a wing into the paper. Step 3: Assemble the Turkey Hat --------------------------------------------------------------------- Hold a pom-pom in your hand and draw a circle in the middle with the black marker. Repeat this process with a second pom-pom. These are the bird's eyes. Attach them to the brown head circle. Glue the beak under the eyes. Once that is done, spread glue on the edge of the brown paper that was folded in accordion-style earlier. Paste it to the back of the head. Afterwards, apply glue to the other end of that same piece of paper. Stick this end to the middle of the headband. Glue the feathers to the back of the closed headpiece. Finally, attach the wings onto the sides of the hat. Read more by visiting our page at:
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