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How to Decorate Eyeball Cupcakes

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Mahalo's expert chef Jennifer Martello shows you how to decorate eyeball cupcakes. You can create a festive bloodshot eyeball cupcake using items found in your local grocery story. No matter if you make the cupcakes and icing from scratch, eyeball cupcakes can be a great option for a child's school Halloween event, a Halloween party or simply as a special treat for your family for the holiday. You will need vanilla cupcakes, vanilla icing, gummy ring candies, chocolate chip chocolates and red icing. You will also need a dull knife and a bowl for icing. Consider obtaining red icing in a package that will make decorating easy, such as a small tube with a tip. Step 1: Ice Cupcake --------------------------------------------------------------------- Place your vanilla icing in a small bowl. Hold a vanilla cupcake in one hand and with a dull knife, scoop up some vanilla icing and place it on top of your cupcake. Spread out the icing so that it is uniform and smooth across the entire top of the cupcake. Step 2: Create Eyeball --------------------------------------------------------------------- Take a circular gummy candy and insert a chocolate chip in the middle to form the pupil of an eye. Place the joined candy piece in the center of your frosted cupcake. Step 3: Add Bloodshot Eye Decorations --------------------------------------------------------------------- Take the red icing and draw a wave pattern from the edge of your candy towards the outside of the cupcake to form the bloodshot eye marks. Place about 6 to 8 bloodshot marks equally spaced around the outside ring of your cupcake. Read more by visiting our page at:
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