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Mad Men Season 4 Episode Twelve Recap

Bestselling apps now free: The twelfth episode of Mad Men's fourth season, entitled "Blowing Smoke," aired on October 10, 2010, on AMC. Here's a recap in case you missed it: As the episode opens, Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is struggling to attract new business to the firm after the Lucky Strike fiasco - without much luck. SCDP's head consultant suggests that the agency get back into the cigarette market and meet with executives from a new brand of women's cigarettes. The meeting turns out to be a ruse - the tobacco company never intended to meet with SCDP and used them in a negotiation ploy against another agency. Over at the Francis house, Sally is doing her best to make nice with Betty, pleasing her immensely when she asks to sit at dinner with her and Henry. Sally's therapist is also pleased with her and decides to downgrade her therapy visits to once a week. When Betty discovers Sally sneaking off to meet Glen, she forbids her from ever seeing him again and later suggests to Henry that they move. A sobbing Sally runs to her room, clutching Glen's lanyard. In the meantime, Don runs into a former girlfriend in the lobby of his office building. Starving artist Midge convinces him to come to her apartment and meet her husband. Midge and her husband turn out to be heroin addicts and the pair hit Don up for cash to buy drugs. A saddened Don gives them the money in exchange for a painting and asks Midge why she doesn't stop using. Midge replies that she just can't. Back at the office, the mood is particularly grim - as most people are aware that firings are imminent. In a frank conversation with Don about the situation, Peggy recommends re-branding SCDP the way they would do with a floundering client. Later that night, Don sits down and writes a letter which he posts as a full-page ad in ''The New York Times.'' In the letter, entitled "Why I'm Quitting Smoking," Don explains that Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will no longer be taking on any tobacco company accounts. He says when the agency lost the Lucky Strike account, he realized he had an opportunity to sleep at night because he "knows what he's selling doesn't kill his customers." The next morning, the office and the ad industry are abuzz over the letter. The partners are angry at Don for taking out the ad. Burt Cooper announces he's quitting. Faye's consulting company resigns from working with SCDP amid concerns they'll alienate future tobacco clients. Amid the fallout, a glimmer of hope: the American Cancer Society wants SCDP to do an anti-smoking PSA campaign. Some of the partners are hopeful, because the ACS is prestigious and some big names are on its board. The episode ends with the partners all heading off to begin firing dozens of SCDP employees. More News from Ok Go- 'White Knuckles': Monday Night Football- Week 2: Christine O'Donnell- Witchcraft: Sunday Football Scores- Week 2: Bethany Storro- Acid Attack: Dolphin Slaughter: Constitution Day: Johns Hopkins Shooting: Kevin Skinner- America's Got Talent: Sheyla Hershey: Penelope Cruz: ?University of Texas Austin Shooting? ?How to Get an American Express Black Card? ?Colton Tooley? ?Tony Curtis Dead? ?Dan Gordon-Levitt Dead?: ?Secretariat Movie Reviews?: ?Randy Moss Trade?: Life as We Know It Reviews: ?It's Kind of a Funny Story Reviews?: ?Karen Owen Duke Mock Thesis?:
Length: 02:41


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