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Evolution Song. Here is a video I created for my 6th grade science students? to help them study.I hope you enjoy. Darwin believed in EvolutionWell, you knowHe took a trip around the worldCharles saw different plants and animalsWell, you knowThe same species had changedAnd these traits are called adaptationsDarwin thought they changed over timeHelped species adapt to be,Alright, alright, arightHe said it was Natural SelectionWell, you knowThey'll reproduce and they'll surviveIt's over production, competitionWell, you knowDon't forget variationSpecies produce more offspring than can liveBut food and resources are limitedDon't you know it's selectionSurvive, to survive, surviveNew species form in evolutionTraits can changeWhen animals are moved apartOne theory is gradualismSlow and steady changeOr punctuated equilibriaDifferent species have the same ancestorsThat's what we can homologous structuresFossils, structures, protein sequences,Development, DNA, the Branching TreeDarwin, was right, Darwin, was right, Darwin, was right, Darwin, was right,
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