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Force Of Friction

Check us out at Friction is a force that is created whenever two surfaces move or try to move across each other. •Friction always opposes the motion or attempted motion of one surface across another surface. •Friction is dependant on the texture of both surfaces. •Friction is also dependant on the amount of contact force pushing the two surfaces together (normal force). In this simulation you see a block sitting on a level table. You can place an applied force on the object by pressing the "More Force" button. Each time you press the button the applied force will increase. As you use this simulation there are several things you should notice. •On a level surface, the normal force (FN) is always equal and opposite to the weight (only on a level surface). •The force of static friction (fs) cancels out the applied force right up to and including when static friction reaches its maximum (fsmax). •For applied forces greater than the maximum force of static friction the block starts to slip and then the value for friction becomes kinetic friction (fk) and the box is then under a net force so it accelerates to the right.
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