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Making an Electromagnet

Check us out at How to Make an Electromagnet As the name suggests, electromagnet is made with the help of electricity. The advantage of the electromagnet is that, the magnetic field of the magnet can be expanded and also can be made more powerful by using a comparatively light, less costly material and a small amount of electricity. The following is a process of the making of a simple electromagnet. This kind of magnet can also be made by you at home and can also be taken up as a small science experiment by school going children. It must be noted that this magnet can only be used to attract metallic objects of a light weight. Requirements To make an electromagnet all you need is a 9 volt battery, a couple of 3 inch iron nails and a piece of insulated copper wire. Procedure The procedure of making the electromagnet is relatively simple. First, remove about half an inch of insulation form both ends of the copper wire. Then systematically coil and envelop the nail with the help of the copper wire. Remember to follow a systematic pattern while wrapping the copper wire. The coils or wraps should not overlap each other. Fix one end of the copper wire, on the positive terminal of the battery and the other end to the negative end. When the circuit of the copper wire is complete, the nail will get activated and will start attracting other metallic objects. One can test the magnet with the help of the other nail. You can also lift the nail up by using the electromagnet. If the copper wire is disconnected from the battery, the nail will immediately fall down. A larger battery and a larger piece of metal will make a more powerful magnet.
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