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Refraction Of Light Through a Glass Slab

Check us out at Refraction occurs when Light Waves travel from a Medium with a given Refractive Index to a Medium with another. At the boundary between the Media, the Wave's Phase Velocity is altered, usually causing a change in direction. Its wavelength increases or decreases but its frequency remains constant REFRACTION EFFECTS AT SUN RISE AND SUN SET The rays from the sun (S) coming through space enter earths atmosphere and travel from rarer to denser medium. They bend very slightly towards normal and appear to come from S, the apparent position of sun. Therefore, the sun appears above the horizon. Hence the sun appears to rise a few minutes before the actual rise and for the same reason, it continues to be seen a few minutes after it has actually set. This time difference is of the order of 2 minutes each. Hence the day becomes longer by about 4 minutes due to refraction effects.
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