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Check us out at Types of salt •Table salt -- This is the most common type of salt found at home and the type that we find on most restaurant tables. Our basic table salt is made by sending water into salt deposits then evaporating. Table salt can be iodised, free flowing or both. oIodised salt --Iodine, an important element for the regulation of the fluid content of the body, is essential for the thyroid gland to manufacture thyroxin. Iodine deficiency led to health problems such as goitre, myxedema, dry skin, loss of hair and memory, tiredness, sleepiness and loss of muscle tissue. With people across the world, consuming salt on a daily basis, it was decided to iodise salt to ensure adequate iodine intake. oFree flowing salt--To prevent moisture from being reabsorbed, salt refiners also add alumino-silicate of sodium or yellow prussiate of soda as desiccants plus bleaches to make it free flowing salt. This salt finds it difficult to combine with human body fluids so it causes health disturbances. Instead of buying free flowing salt purchase the usual salt and add ten grains of rice to it. This will absorb the moisture and make the salt free flowing. •Kosher Salt -- A coarse salt, Kosher salt is generally evaporated from brine, giving its grains a block-structure. This structure better allows the salt crystals to absorb blood (Jewish law states that you must extract blood from meat before you consume it). Kosher salt is less salty than table salt. •Sea Salt --Sea salt is harvested by evaporation, also. Sea salt is not quite as salty as table salt. Sea salt can be either fine grained or coarse grained. Many sea salts include trace minerals like potassium, magnesium, and iodine these minerals are naturally present, not added. •Fleur De Sel --A type of sea salt, Fleur de sels have a higher mineral content than basic table salt, have an ocean like smell and tend to be grayish in color. Fleur de sel comprises the early crystals that start to form across the surface of salt evaporation ponds. This is generally done during the summer months, the time when the sun is strongest. Other types of sea salts include sel gris, esprit du sel, and pink, black, and brown sea salts from India. •Rock Salt -- Rock salt is not fine-grained. It is unrefined and has a greyish hue. It is sold in large crystals. It was used for making ice cream in traditional hand-cranked ice cream makers.
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