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Check us out at An energy source is a system which makes energy in a certain way, for instance a hydro-electric station. A hydro-electric station uses the current of the river for the making of electricity. Nowadays we need energy-sources for electricity. Without electricity no computers, no television, no washers. A lot of apparatus would not work without electricity. The three different kinds of energy-sources have their own pros and cons. In this part we give a few of them. •Nuclear power For the generation of nuclear power little raw material is needed to generate a lot of electric energy. This is an advantage, because the supply of the raw material will be enough for quite a time. A very big disadvantage is that the raw material for nuclear power, uranium, is very radio-active. Also the used rods en other used materials stay radio-active for ages. at a nuclear power plant as Tsjernobyl we have seen how dangerous this type of energy-generation can be. This is the major reason why environmental groups (like Greenpeace) are against this form of energy-winning. •Fossil energy The big advantage of fossil energy is that, to generate the energy from the raw material is easy and cheap. Disadvantage is that during the process of combustion a lot of toxic materials comes into the air which causes extra pollution of the atmosphere, these materials also increase the effect of global warming. Another disadvantage of fossil energy is that the supply of fossil fuels is not endless. The current supply is for approximately 50 years. That is why the USA wants to trail for oil and natural gas in Alaska. If the USA do this, there are big consequences for the environment. For more information about this subject, go to the article about exhaustion. •Alternative energy The advantage of alternative energy is that the energy source is endless and doesn't give any pollution. Still, there are not many alternative energy forms, because for instance the technique to transform sun-beams into electric energy is very expensive. For more information about alternative forms of energy-winning, go to the article about green energy
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