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Check us out at The world of living things, is our world, a world of interdependence and relatedness, it includes an incredible number of diverse and fascinating organisms. All of these organisms are, or should be important to us, our world is their world, their health is our our health and our life is their life. We are not separate or apart. We are joined, united, interactive and dependant on each other. We can not live pretending the world is something separate, something that has no effect on us. The energy that flows through us all each day came from the sun, it was trapped by a plant, eaten by an animal which may have been us or an animal we later ate. Every atom of our bodies has been part of one or more plants, and many animals before it was us, and afterwards it will be other organisms again. The water we drink was drunk first by worms in the sea, then by insects then by dinosaurs and many other animals before it reached us. The air we breathe has been breathed before, or the molecules that make up the air may once have been a flower or a millipede or both. As living things we need to be aware that life is not a straight line, it is an infinitely complex series of connected cycles. An ever changing mesh or web of interactiveness where every creature effects every other creature, and is in turn effected by them. We are all related. Remember this when you are learning about other organisms that share this world with us. We need all these other organisms, without them we would not be alive, they are therefore very beautiful and worthy of our compassion and love.
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