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The 98th Bombardment Group Story (1951)

(Silent) Summary: Records of activities of 98th Bombardment GP, stationed at Yokota, Japan. Shows personnel going about routine duties on the base or flying B-29's on missions to Korea. Shows briefing, interrogations, bombings, interior aircraft shots of crews performing duties. 1) CS interior base theater showing briefing officers of the bombbardment group having breifing sessions. Officers conducting morning briefing sessions of the 98th Bomb Group arc: MaJ. William A. Martin, Capt. Patrick A. Quigley, Capt. Clyde M. Ellis, Ltd Col. Joseph R. Brytos. 2) PS B-29 taking off from Yokota AFB Japan -- several shots. 3) CS Crew of one of the B-29's that will follow in Air Sea rescue ship in case of ditching in Japones Sea. 4) CS Crow being briefed by aircraft commander Lonnie E. Vanhoy. (Crew members are: Maj. Rollin R. Savage, Capt. William R. Chandler, M/sgt Kenneth R. Porter, Sgt Charles G. Stouffer, S/sgt Lawson B. Sharp, Lt. Benard V. Cox Jr. S/sgt Robert V. Battey, Cpl. William E. Boshears. 5) Several shots of interrogation of crews of 98th Bomb Group after return from mission. Names of crew members are listed in aaption sheets. 6) Aerial Single F-80 flying across to right of camera ship. 7) Aerial Single B-29 in flight. 8) Aerial Formation three B-29's in flight. 9) ADS Bombs being followed to bound. 10) ADS Vapor trails left by three fighter aircraft flying off from camera ship. 12) Aerial Formation four B-29's in flight. 13) INT B-29 in flight showing pilot, co-pilot and bombardier in position. 14) AS taken from waist section looking out across the four M-16-15's flying formation. Slate: 98TH BOMB GROUP, 7 APR 51. MISSION TO SINUIJU. Personnel inside of the B-29 in flight. 1ST lt. John Collins. Reel 2: 1) CS coverage crew of B-29 being inspected prior to taking off mission. 2) CS Men after inspection checking parachutes and safety straps on chutes. 3) CS Navigator 1st. Lt. Smith. 4) CS Engineer. S/sgt Dally. 5) CS Pilot and co-pilot of plane. 6) CS Crew members, lst Lt. JLyons. Capt. Korstjens, 1st Lt. Edmonds. Several good shots of the men, interior of plane, showing men at their stations navigator plotting course, flight engineer checking flight engineer's panel. 7) CS Pilot at controls. 8) CS Co-pilot writing notes on mission. 9) CS Bombardier bending over bombsight. All scenes taken interior B-29 in flight. 10) Aerial Single B-29 in flight. 11) Aerial Single in flight, nose gear down. 12) ADS B-29 in flight. 13) ADS Target area. Several shots B-29 flying straggly formation, singles, and doubles, spread across the skies. 14). Aerial Formation, B-29's three's and two's 15) Aerial Single B-29 in flight. 16) Aerial Single B-29 in flight, bombbay doors open -- - plane drops bombs. 17) ACS Looking down B-29 in Flight. Several quick shots B-29 high altitude flight. 18) Aerial Single and doubles. 19) Int Naviagator compartment showing navigator at desk plotting course of ship. 20) INT Engineers' compartment showing engineer checking book and writing material down on record of flight. 21) CS Bombbardier bending over bombsights. 22) CS Pilot making adjustments on headphones. 23) CS Ground scenes, armorers placing guns in bottom turret in B-29. In bg are other B-29's parked in area, rows of bombs near each plane. Good coverage of armorers working over the complete ship, working on tail gun, top turret, belly turret. Planes of the 98th Bomb Group have a big letter "H" on the tail. 24) PS L to R, B-29 landing at airbase. Reel 3: 1) LS Up runway at B-29's taking off. Several shots, cameraman picks up B-29's just at moment of takeoff and carries thru with the planes till they are out of sight. Weather is hazy. 2) LS Across field showing airfield at Yokota AFB, Japan. 3) CS Crew of B-29 being inspected, standing in line in front of plane. Pilot checks over crew. Crew checks over personal gear. 4) CS Crew of B-29 pulling No. 1 prep thru. 5) LS Looking down runway at B-29 approach for landing and landing. Several good shots of entire crew sitting around table at mission briefing. Good shots of all the men. (For names of the men of the 98th Bomb Group attending the briefing and interrogation sessions, see the caption sheets.) Good (Orig Neg)
Length: 25:55


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