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VNAF UH-34D Defoliation Missions - Vietnam (1964)

Coverage of two VNAF UH-34D's spraying defoliant over jungle with Capt. K.J. Schiessl, USAF Adviser to the VNAF 213th Helicopter Squadron, as pilot on one of the two helicopters. Shows chemicals being loaded aboard aircraft, preflighting UH-34D, helicopter taking off, flying at low altitude spraying area and landing. Reel 1: Scenes of VNAF UH-34D taxiing at small helicopter field near Hue, crew alighting, truck with chemicals backing up to helicopter and Vietnamese airmen operating the portable pump in transferring chemicals to UH-34D. 86': AMCU's of the UH-34D defoliation spray attachment as aircraft flies low over jungle area held by the Viet Cong outside Hue. 153': TAIL SLATE: ROLL: MGD-101. 156': CU of UH-34D exhaust manifold as engine starts. 180': MS's of UH-34D main rotor turning, VNAF pilot and copilot in helicopter, and cameraman in doorway of helicopter operating camera. 222': LS's to MS's of UH-34D's landing and taxiing to a stop. 349': LEADER SLATE: ROLL: MGD-104. MCU's & MS of Capt. K.J.Schiessl in helicopter donning helmet and VNAF copilot -- low angle shot of Capt. Schiessl -- also shows main rotors turning. 396': LS to MLS of UH-34D taxiing toward camera main taking off over camera. 492': EDITOR SLATE: ROLL: MGD-106. ALS's of UH-34D's spraying jungle area. 666': TAIL SLATE: ROLL: MGD-106. 18 JUNE 64. 669': AMLS, AMS & ALS of UH-34D spraying defoliation chemicals at treetop level -- barrel of machine gun on camera aircraft in some scenes. 829': TAIL SLATE: ROLL: MGD-108. 15 JUNE 64. 831': Total footage in reel. Reel 2: ALS's of UH-34D spraying a jungle section. 167' TAIL SLATE: ROLL: MGD-346. MLS of VNAF ground crewman signaling engine start -- machine gun mounted on helicopter in foreground. 177': AELS & AMS of UH-34D in flight to left over lowland -- shows VNAF and Vietnamese civilians waving. 191': SLATE: ROLL: MGD-347. 194': AMCU's of spray bar in operation during very low flight over jungle. 269': AELS of UH-34D spraying jungle. 293': Scenes of VNAF personnel operating pump in transferring chemical spray from 55-gallon drum to storage tank in helicopter. 314': AMCU of VNAF EM turning valve on chemical tank in UH-34D. 330': ALL's of two UH-34's in flight to left over lowland, canal and jungle and helicopter spraying jungle -- machine gun barrel on camera aircraft in foreground. 438': LS's of UH-34D equipped with defoliation device and USA UH-1B landing at Da Nang AB. 484': MS's of UH-34D with defoliation attachment taxiing, main rotor turning and VNAF man laying helmet on ground. 509': SLATE: ROLL: MGD-365. DA NANG AB. Scenes of Capt. Schiessl and VNAF copilot, Lt Do Van Heiu, preflight checking UH-34D engine, putting lightweight vests on, boarding helicopter, fastening in and Capt Schiessl donning helmet. 682': TAIL SLATE: ROLL: MGD-367. 685': MS's of UH-34D's with defoliation attachment taking off and taxiing at Da Nang AB. 720': SLATE: ROLL: MGD-398 PT 2. 722': Total footage in reel.
Length: 18:27


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