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The Hungnam Story (1950)

National Archives Identifier: 24142 Summary: Title: "Foreword. The following picture is a partial record of the bitter struggle of the Marines from Chosin Reservoir to Hungnam, Korea, in the freezing Autumn of 1950...." LS, camp in Snow in Korea. MLS, soldier chopping log. MLS, MSs, soldiers grouped around fire. MCU, CU, soldier sleeping on pack. LS, pipes for oil. Tilt up to show pipes laid over up over hills. MLS, Korean soldiers on damaged concrete wall. ELS, airviews of rugged mountainous country. Other planes and bombs being dropped are also Seen. LS, MLS, MS, US soldiers moving slowly up snow- covered hill. MS, soldier carrying a 3.5 bazooka up hill. LSs, MLS, MSs, soldiers going up snow-covered hill with bazookas and rifles. MLSs, North Korean prisoners come staggering up hill to US soldiers. MS, prisoners sitting in snow. MCU, US soldier offering prisoner coffee. MCU, prisoner given cigarette. Tilt down to his bare feet. CU bare feet in now. MCU, prisoner being bandaged. MLS, MSs, more Korean prisoners entering US lines. MS, wounded carried on litters. MLS, dead soldiers pulled along ground. MS, chaplain praying over dead bodies in snow. LS, camp in snow. MLS, a wrecked truck. MS, Negro soldier washing kit in stream. MLS, jeeps entering camp. MLS, group of soldiers in front of M-46 tank. Snow falling. CU, soldier telephoning. LSs, MSs, soldiers moving forward, followed by Korean refugees with household goods. Snow falling. MCU, feet of soldiers marching in snow. CU, animated maps, showing location and progress of struggle. MLSs, MS, soldiers marching forward. LS, trucks and jeeps around curve on mountain. MLS, jeeps and men moving forward over snow-covered road. ELSs, planes dropping napalm on hill. LSs, MLSs, planes taking off from carrier. ELS, battleship at sea. ELSs, airviews of bombing raid. MLS, soldiers on mountain highway. MLS, wind blowing snow on road. MS, civilian refugees. MLS, soldiers marching in snow and wind. MLS, 2-1/2 ton truck loaded with supplies, followed by jeep. MS, soldier with binocs by tank. LS, MLS, soldiers marching and tank (M-46) moving across snow-covered field. MLS, plane flying. LS, men lined up. ELS, explosions on hill. Soldiers moving in fg.
Length: 11:12


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