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101st Airborne Division Returns To A Shau Valley (1970)

Summary: First Footage 534'. LS, UH-1B helicopter coming in and landing on mountaintop fire support base. MS, American troops unload supplies from UH-1Bs and copter takes off. LS, soldiers carrying equipment and supplies to FSB AV, A Shau Valley from copter as it brings troops to landing zone Fury. VS, troops disembarking from UH-1Bs and the copters taking off. LS, pan of A Shau Valley as seen from landing zone Fury. MS, members of 327th Infantry Airborne Reg at landing zone watching air strikes before moving out. MS, troops climbing mountain in dense jungle. CU, troops on patrol in jungle. They walk in high brush. CU, two soldiers on reconnaissance patrol in jungle, fire M- 79 grenade launchers. CU, radio operator calling in platoon's location. ELS, smoke grenades explode designating troop pickup zone for pull out. CU, troops walking in dense jungle en route to pickup zone. CU, platoon Sgt writing loading roster. LS, troops waiting at pickup zone. LS, UH-1Bs coming in for landing, troops embarking and the copters taking off. OPERATION FURY (101ST AIRBORNE DIV).: A Shau Valley, South Vietnam: 04/14/1971- 04/15/1971: 260': MS, soldiers carrying supplies and equipment. Troops with their supplies are unloaded from UH-1Bs on fire support base atop mountain. LS, UH-lBs landing at A Shau Valley and troops disembarking. MS, troops starting on patrol in jungle. CU, radio operator talking over field telephone. CU, troops at night defensive positions in jungle. CU, troops moving thru high grass and jungle hills in search for enemy positions. MS, soldiers cutting foilage with machetes clearing area for landing zone. LS, UH-lB coming in for landing. MS, troops board copter and it takes off. National Archives and Records Administration 101ST ABN DIVISION RETURNS TO A SHAU VALLEY ARC Identifier 34215 / Local Identifier 111-LC-56583 1970 Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 - 05/15/1984).
Length: 22:17


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