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Search And Destroy Missions - 1st Infantry Division (1968

NO AUDIO - Summary: Soldier with M-60 MG on his shoulder crossing field. The area is clouded with dust. UH-1Ds fly off and the dust clears. Soldiers kneeling in field. UH-1D flies over. Soldiers rush off copter thru cloud of dust. Copter takes off. Soldiers cross field. Soldiers search in village. Officer speaks over radio. Soldiers walk past hut. Soldier with M-60 MG crosses dried rice paddy. Soldiers walk between trees on rubber plantation. Soldiers at M-113. CU, radio operator. Officer speaks over radio. Officers and soldiers check their position on maps Soldiers follow M-113s and an M-48 tank. The armor knocks over trees as they advance. M-48 among trees. M-48 moves forward knocking over rubber trees. M-113 and soldiers on foot crossing plantation. Officer talks over radio; looks at map. M-48 in field. Pan to M- 113 and soldiers. Soldier resting. M-113s and soldiers approach tree line. Soldier throws hand grenade into bunker. He runs for cover and the grenade explodes. Soldier checks destroyed bunker. M-113s and soldiers crossing plantation. M-113 knocks over tall tree. CUs, bunkers and tunnels at treeline. Burned body of Vietcong. Soldier examines captured weapons and other item Dead Vietcong half-buried in bunker. Soldier looking at the dead VC. Pan, burned out treeline with bunkers. Soldiers cross field and enter heavy underbrush. M-113s and M-48 cross open field. Soldiers follow the armor. M-48 tank moves into dense brush. M- 113s in brush; soldiers follow. soldiers come out of underbrush and start across clearing. Shot from atop M-48 as it moves thru brush. M-113 crosses ditch. M-113s making their way over dikes; soldiers follow. Soldier at .50 cal MG atop M-48. M-113s climb over dike. VS, soldiers fill canteens from 5-gal can. Sweaty soldiers wipe their faces with paper towels. Soldiers cross field. CU, helmet of soldier with words: "USA I Love You". Long line of UH-1Ds with rotors turning. Soldiers inside one of the copters. Copters take off one at a time and fly past. Air-to-air. Copter laying smoke screen over landing area. UH-1Ds land in tall grass. VS, soldiers with MG guarding perimeter of landing zone. Copters fly off. soldiers in tall grass near hovering UH-1D. Vs, soldiers walk between trees on rubber plantation. soldiers cross road. Soldiers take cover in brush on outskirts of village of Ap Loc Thanh. Soldiers cross field and approach village. LS, villagers. Women and children grouped together. Vietnamese National Policemen stand guard. ID cards are checked. American officer interrogates civilian. American soldier on guard in village. Damaged houses. Trench outside village. soldiers search in village. Theater. American soldiers bring in Vietcong suspects. Villagers grouped together.
Length: 20:43


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