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Reforger II NATO (1970)

National Archives and Records Administration REFORGER II (NATO) ARC Identifier 33906 / Local Identifier 111-LC-56105 1970 Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 - 05/15/1984). Silent. Summary: Vs, locomotives drive on tracks toward camera at Heilbronn South Train Station. Men of 16th Inf Div guide them. VS, M-113 APC's drive onto flatcars. Vs, locomotive pulls train load of APCs away from station. MS, locomotive travels along tracks. LS, F4 Phantom jets dive at hill. LS, simulated bombs explode as jets dive at target. LS, napalm burning. LS, AH-1G make strafing run at target. LS, AH-1Gs lay smoke screen. LS, formation of UH-1D helicopters fly toward hill. AH-1Gs provide protective cover. LS, UH-1Ds land, troops get off and run to attack machine gun position. CU, German MG nest. Gunners fire at advancing Americans(16th Inf Div). LS, soldier aids wounded buddy walk to safety. LS, APCs cross field. Additional scenes of jets diving at hill, simulated explosions and the attack on the MG nest. VS, APCs cross Main River, climb riverbank and move across field. VS, UH-1D lands, troops board and the helicopter takes off. LS, M-551 Sheridan assault vehicles cross mobile assault bridge. LS, APCs and M-578 tank retrievers cross bridge. VS, M- 578 tows APC. LS, UH-1Ds lay smoke screen on hillside. LS, F4 jets dive at hill, simulated bombs explode. LS, formation UH-1Ds fly toward hill. VS, APCs cross river and move toward enemy held hill. VS, mobile assault bridge vehicles move into position to form bridge. VS, vehicles cross bridge. LS, CH-54 helicopter in flight carrying disabled UH-1D helicopter. VS, Hawk and Chaparral missile carriers cross bridge.
Length: 32:36


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