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U-Boat Menace Ended (1945)

(1) "With the downfall of Germany, members of her underseas flet rise to the survace and on radio instructions from Berlin, procede to surrender to Allied naval authorities. The U-358 rides into Cape May, N.J., in the custody of a destroyer escort 'prize' crew. At Portsmouth, N.H., destroyer escorts convoy the U-805 into harbor. The Nazi crew is brought ashore still surly and impudent, only to be whisked off to Portsmouth Naval Prison. Back in ruined Bremen, British tommies discover pre-fabricated sections of submarines, parts of an assembly plan which was calculated to add hundreds of new subs to the German navy." scenes of ruins of Bremen sub shipyard, U-boat prisoners arrive in US., in Portsmouth, arogant captain unrepenitent.(2) Germans Surrender Among Ruins - "Berlin: Air Marshal Tedder, General Spaatz, Marshal Zhukoff and others receive the surrender of General Keitel, Admiral Friedberg and General Stumpf, which commits Nazi Germany to Allied control, ceases hostilities and ratifies the previous capitulations to General Eisenhower and General Montgomery. The Wreckage of Germany - R.A.F. saturation bombings of Hamburg have destroyed the huge ship yards and left all buildings absolutely gutted. Hamburg is ruined. And the question 'What of Berlin?' is now answered. All Nazi government buildings are totally ruined, as are the famous hotels and other buildings which lined her famous boulevards." scenes of Keitl surrenders to Zhukov in Berlin, Russians tour the gutted capital, pictures of destroyed Hamburg; (3) German Loot Discovered - "Reichsbank Cache - Yanks entering the world's largest salt mines at Merkers, Germany are startled to find one hundred tons of gold bullion, jewels, silver currency and priceless paintings by the masters, the cached loot of the Nazis." (4) In The Wake Of Victory - "Eminent people, long held in Nazi prison camps are found at a Villa in the Alps. They include Baroness Schussning, Fritz Thyssen, industrialist, Prince Leopold of Prussia, Anti-Nazi Pastor Niemacher, Lt. John Winant and Lord Lascelles, nephew of King George VI. In contrast at Magebarg, General Dietmars, Nazi broadcaster becomes a prisoner of the Yanks." (5) All Out Air War On Japan - "Aircraft factories near Nagasaki are bombed by B-29s from Guam. From Saipan, a fleet of B-29s pierce clouds of flak over Tokyo to plant tons of bombs on the Jap capital city. Homeward, many of the Superforts are forced down at Iwo Jima, where flak damage is seen to be severe." scenes of map and arial footage of airstrikes on Japan, damaged SuperFortress lands on Iwo Jima. (complete newsreel)
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