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Reds Roll On In Germany 1945 Newsreel

(1) "Armies gain momentum in their terrific offensives as giant guns, rocket batteries and Stalin tanks mow down the Nazis. The enemy death toll is enormous, they surrender in droves, and their cities are methodically destroyed by shell and by torch. "And Russian might thunders on to a rendezvous with Gen. Eisenhower's Armies from the West." scenes of Russian drive For Berlin, rockets, tanks, prisoners, dead bodies; (2) Fire Bombs For Japan - "M 69 Jellied Bombs - First revealing pictures of America's incendiary bombs which are turning sections of Jap homeland cities into flaming and gutted square miles of destruction. "Tests at an East Coast Proving Grounds show them to be 500 lb. clusters of 38 individual containers of jellied gasoline which burns at 1000 degree temperature. Actual battle use of these "clinging fire" incendiaries against the Japs in Pacific outpost island warfare is shown." (3) Peace Code For Labor And Industry - "Washington, DC: Eric Johnson, Pres. of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, William Green, Pres. of the A.F. of L., and Philip Murray, Pres. of the C.I.O. sign a code committing management and labor to joint national interests in the post-war period. Mr. Johnson explains the action in a statement." (4) Bombs Wreck Munitions Ship - "When a U.S. ammunition ship in convoy is struck by enemy dive bombers it explodes in one terrific blast which fills the entire screen, sending one gigantic smoke ring whirling skyward." (5) On stage Everybody - talent audition for Universal picture version of the radio show (6) It's A Navy Slugfest - "Fights on Pier 88 - When some sluggers from Pier 92 Receiving Station meet U.S. Navy Salvage School Leather pushers in the squared circle on Pier 88, you see better fights than on the Garden stages. And there's a laugh in every punch." scenes of boxing. (complete newsreel) 1945-03-29
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