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Atom Bomb Joe Bonica's Movie Of The Month

Survival Town Atom Test, operation "Teapot" Atomic Test, amazing films of H-Bomb Actual footage of nuclear bomb testing, the scientists and military people involved in a the South Pacific and the American Southwest. Frighteningly slim and few precautions are taken with the lives of those people who jobs were to be present at the test sites. Film purports to prove that survival of nuclear attack is possible. Bikini Atoll; testing of the atomic bomb; Navy crews watch from deck of ship; remote control Los Alamos director Dr. Holloway; crew straps on goggles; bomb explodes; aerial shot shows ships immediately adjacent to the mushroom cloud; Mercury, Nevada test; some tanks were less than a mile away; scene of utter devastation and annihilation Operation Teapot Yucca Flat Nevada; 9000 servicemen ready to take their places in trenches; soldiers dust each other off with brooms; Voiceover: "Demonstrating the importance of civil defense preparedness, the elaborate exercises proved survival is possible, offering new hope to all who live in the shadow of the atomic age."
Length: 07:26


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