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TypeIt ReadIt 1.6 Free Text To Speech Software For Windows and Mac - Tutorial TTS This software can be downloaded for free at This video will explain what is new with this update, show the user interface, how to use text to speech in different languages, saving text-to-speech to a sound file (WAV, AIFF), followed by, inserting text to speech into PowerPoint. The video will finish with a demonstration on how to use text to speech in a video editor like Microsoft Movie Maker. With version 1.6, a British English dictionary was added to the spell checker. Some bugs were fixed including how Windows and Mac saves text to a file and how TypeIt ReadIt looks when running on a Windows netbook computer. This application was originally developed to help a legally blind student who was having difficulty using Microsoft Word. The font size can be quickly adjusted and the buttons are large and easy to read. The color can be changed to meet the users visual needs. Even if the color is changed, the text will still print in black. The spelling dictionaries include British English, American English, French (Fran?ais), German (Deutsch), Icelandic (Islensku), Italian (Italiano), and Spanish (Espa?ol). For Windows XP users, there is a link at on where to download the free Microsoft Mike and Mary Voices, in addition to the free Simplified Chinese(??) Text To Speech Engine TTS. Text to speech can help users learn English or other language pronunciation and help proofread their work. This may help students with dyslexia and other language impairments. Text to speech can make writing fun for younger students. For other Windows and Mac users, there is a button on the website on where to find and install free high quality text to speech voices in multiple languages. To have the computer read in a language other than English, a voice designed for the language must be used. For example, a Spanish voice must be used for Spanish and a French voice must be used for French. To save the computers speech to a sound file, click Save To Sound. Windows will save to a WAV file and Mac will save to an AIFF audio file. This allows the ability to listen to documents on iPods, CDs, car radios using iPod transmitters or other devices. These sound files can be placed into iTunes where they can be converted to an MP3, AAC or other sound format. iTunes can, then, transfer the file to an iPod, CD or other sound device. These files can be placed in presentation software like Keynote, Impress, and PowerPoint. A similar situation can be done with video editing software like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, and Movie Maker. The sound files can be added to the movie by placing them into the Audio / Music Timeline or track. This is a Video Tutorial Made For YouTube.
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