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Does Bread Land Butter Side Down? Part 1 Science Experiment Series Video 1

Data Can be found at Why does bread land butter side down? People have asked that question for over 100 years. News Paper in Norwalk Ohio 1841: I never had a slice of bread, Particularly large and wide, That did not fall upon the floor, And always on the buttered side! What This Is About: Experiments will be conducted to see if bread and toast lands butter side down. What is Needed: Bread Butter / Margarine Peanut Butter Jelly Butter knife or spreader (Use a rubber spatula spreader for zero tolerance schools) Balloons Curled paper Measuring tape Marker Toaster Mop for cleanup. For these experiments sweet cream butter is referred to as butter and peanut butter is referred to as peanut butter. With any experiment, please use common sense and good judgment. Kids, get your parents permission before making a mess. Note: Teachers make sure that your students do not have any food allergies to peanut butter, latex balloons or any other substance used in these experiments. Background Of The Science Experiments: Experiments were done and a video was created. The data from the experiments pointed that that bread is more likely to fall butter side down in several situations. Before the videos launch, the video was redone and experiments were added, after it was learned that MythBusters performed similar experiments in their television show titled Is Yawning Contagious Episode 28 Season 3. The section is titled Does Toast Really Fall Butter Side Down? The MythBusters experiments included testing if buttered toast landed butter side down. The MythBusters placed butter on hot toast and dropped the toast vertically from the top of a building. Their data showed that the toast was more likely to land butter side up. SchoolFreewares data showed that bread was more likely to land butter side down. Thus the reason for more and different experiments to gather more data and come to an appropriate conclusion. Luckily, the Scientific Method allows for retesting and making more experiments.
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