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Plot - Elements of a Story

Plot We will talk about the sequence or order that great stories follow. The pattern of what different actions happen and when. Quick Review: All stories have Setting (time and place) Character (protagonist and antagonist) and Plot What is Plot: All the action. Everything that happens in the story. Plot can also talk about the order those events happen in. When you look at nearly every story, they follow a similar plot sequence or pattern. There are events that happen in order to make it a story. The main events in a plot are: Exposition (background) Conflict Climax Resolution Exposition: the background or introduction to the setting and characters. It tells you what you need to know about the major characters, what they do, Basically sets up the story. Conflict: You get a problem. Maybe it starts out small, but that conflict starts to complicate things And the action starts to rise Climax: This is the most exciting part of the story. The conflict is as big as it can get before it gets solved. Then the action slows down and falls Resolution: Everything is getting solved and finding a place where the story is ending Sometimes there might be an Epilogue after. Epilogues pretty much tell what happens after the story. Review: Plot -- Events in the story Exposition -- Background Conflict -- Problems start for the protagonist Climax -- Most exciting, biggest conflict Resolution -- Conflict get solved and sorted out
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