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Elements of a story - Character

Character We'll talk about different types of characters quality stories have Review: All stories have Setting (time and place), Character, and Plot What is character: All people, animals, robots, monsters, in the story If it has a personality or goal, it is definitely a character What types of characters are there? There are Major characters who have a big role And there are Minor characters who don't have an important role The two terms often used when describing important characters are: Protagonist and Antagonist Protagonist is the main person in the story, the main character Antagonist is the obstacle the main character is trying to overcome. Many times this can be another character causing a conflict, but sometimes it is a situation causing a problem. Etymology Time! The word "Protagonist" comes from the greek word "protaginistes" which meant the actor who played the main role. "Protos" means first (like prototype -- first design) And "agonistes" means actor or competitor, which comes from "agon" which means competition So "Proto" = first, "agonistes" = actor Proto + Agonistes = first + actor "Anti" means against (like Antislavery -- against slavery, or Antibacterial means it kills bacterial. So, "Anti" = against, "agonistes" = actor Anti + Agonistes = against the actor (or against the protagonist) Review We have Major and Minor characters Within the major characters, we have a protagonist That is the character who is most important in the story The conflict the main character faces (whether it is a situation or other character) is the Antagonist.
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