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C++ Tutorial (10) - Absolute n00b spoonfeed

Video tutorials about programming in the C++ programming language. Part 10: * rvalue / lvalue * expressions Pardon my imperfect english. Forum: If you have any suggestions about how to make this video clearer, more n00b helpful, and explanatory, please send me a message. If you have any C++ questions, please comment. Correction at 6:52: "r = t * y = x ;" causes a compiler error since the * operator is executed before the = operator, so its like saying r = 1 * 2 = x; as you see from the '1' till the ';' we are trying to assign x to a rvalue (1*3). See video 17 about operator precedence and using parenthesis. For example, to make this line of code work, you can type "r = t * (y = x) ;"
Length: 10:00


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