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Wednesday Night Video -- Body Paragraphs You should learn: 4 Elements of a good Paragraph We'll: Review what a Body Paragraph is Learn the 4 elements Look at what each element is The body paragraph is the center of the essay. These are the paragraphs that actually provide the information and do the explaining. It comes in between the Introductory at the beginning, and the Conclusion at the end. Structure of Intro, Body, Conclusion is academically accepted. Meaning, colleges, schools, educational magazines, they agree that this can be a helpful way to structure essays. Four Elements of a good Paragraph (TTEB) Transition Topic Sentence Evidence Brief Wrap-up Transition Sentence Leads in from a previous paragraph, to allow smooth reading. Hands from one idea to the next. Topic Sentence Tells the readers what you will discuss in the paragraph. Main idea of the paragraph. Evidence and Analysis Provides deeper detail, explanation, or evidence. Could be many sentences. Brief Wrap-up Sentence Tells the reader how and why this supports the thesis. Shows that your information in this paragraph is connected to the thesis. Review: Body Paragraphs are the paragraphs that provide information They come after Introductions, before Conclusions, in the middle of the essay The important elements are: (TTEB) Transition Sentence Topic Sentence Evidence or Analysis Brief Wrap-up
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