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Change as a Theme - Analyzing Character

When analyzing the theme of Change in stories, it is done through analyzing the changes the character makes. NOTES: Change as a Theme Lecture -- WHAT IS CHANGE? -- physical, emotional, spiritual. Grand Level or Small Level. One person, or a group. EXAMPLES Bad to Good Good to Bad Hero to Tragedy Enemies to Lovers Underdog to Success Change happens in the character. CHARACTER DEFINITION: a person or animal (robot) taking part in the action IF a character doesn't change, it is a FLAT character. A ROUND character is one who goes through change. ANALYZING CHARACTER In order to analyze the change in a character, we need to be able to analyze the character. We can analyze them at the beginning of the story, and then throughout the story as they change. Or analyze them at the beginning and then at the end. HOW TO ANALYZE CHARACTER Appearance -- What do they look like? Actions -- What do they do? Words -- What do they say? Others' views -- What do other say about the characters? DEEPER LEVEL ANALYSIS QUESTIONS What does the character believe? What is the character's motivation? What are their goals? How do the character's actions affect other characters? Are there words repeatedly used to describe a character? Are there any items linked to a character?
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