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Please help me buy a new computer

Over the last few weeks, my laptop has been dying a very painful death. It started with the CD drive, then some keys started sticking, and now I turn it on to hear a horrible buzzing noise, making it useless for any sort of Audio work. It's beyond my own repair skill and it's so old it's not worth getting fixed. I have sampled the sound of my fan, and written a little tune using it, venting my frustration and showing how bad it is. It's an ACER single core 2gHz processor with a gig of ram and an 80 gig hard drive, and is my only computer for everything I do. She has done me very well over the last 2 years, has had drinks spilled on her, been in deserts, monsoons, around the world a couple of times, even stolen by a crackhead and retrieved, but now she is dying, and dying hard. Having to purchase a new laptop is outside of my budget right now as I am focusing on getting myself out of the debt I got into due to various money troubles during my travels over the last year, so, once again I am stretching out to the people I have given something to, to ask for some collective funds to help me get a new machine. I've set my sights on a white 13 inch Macbook, it's the cheapest of the lot, but that's ok because I don't need a super computer at this stage, maybee one day when I'm rich, but not right now. Each person who contributes/supports/sponsors (whatever you like to call it) get's their name imprinted on the back (in vinyl) in a tag cloud fashion, with the size of their name depending on how much they choose to donate, so everywhere I go and play and teach, I'll take a little part of you with me (awwwww). There are chunks ranging from 10 to 100 dollars, totalling up to 1000us dollars (the mac I want is 1,649.00 AUD = 1,077.75 USD) Each donation really helps, and will ensure I keep powering on performing, teaching and creating packs/tutorials for the masses without being held back. I have a lot of energy to put into my project but I can only go as fast as my tools permit me. Each donor will get a link to the Ableton live file of this tune, so they can open it up and see how it's made (only external VST used is the freeware Minimogue and all samples are included, so anyone with live can grab this and have a look). You can contribute my visiting Thankyou! -Tom
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