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The Tramp's Unexpected Skate

SUMMARY On a stage with a painted backdrop of a terrace overlooking a park, a man identified as a tramp by his ragged costume and beard lies asleep against a potted palm tree. Two boys enter from screen right, each rolling on one skate. They see the sleeping tramp, communicate to each other through gestures the gag they have in mind, and bend down to untie their skates. The boys then tie the skates on the feet of the sleeping hobo, and awake the man by raising and then dropping one of his legs. The tramp quickly wakes and jumps up to grab the boys, only to roll and slip, then fall on his back, as the boys easily run around him. As the tramp struggles to his feet and then falls again, the boys laugh at and taunt the hapless man. The comedic actions and pratfalls of the tramp on roller-skates are repeated. From Edison films catalog: Here is a picture that appeals to both young and old. A weary looking tramp lies asleep under the wall of a picturesque park. Two mischievous boys enter on roller skates. They take a cautious view of Weary Willie, when a bright idea enters their heads. They hold a short conference and then removing their skates, they proceed to strap them firmly to the feet of Weary Willie. They then wake the tramp by tickling him under the chin with a straw. Then, just what is expected by the audience happens. Willie starts out in pursuit of his youthful tormentors, but the skates are a hindrance to his progress. In his mad endeavor to reach the boys he goes through a series of very humorous antics and ends by falling in a heap several times, striking on his head more often than on his heels. Length 60 feet. $9.00. CREATED/PUBLISHED United States: Edison Manufacturing Co., 1901. NOTES Copyright: Thomas A. Edison; 23May1901; H4567. SUBJECTS Tramps--United States--Drama. Practical jokes--Drama. Roller-skating--United States--Drama. Boys--United States--Conduct of life--Drama. Silent films. Slapstick comedies. Vaudeville. Shorts. DIGITAL ID (m) varsmp[email protected](varsmp+0467))
Length: 01:13


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